The Lego Star Destroyer Project
(Fact #8: The answer is 42)

Day Six

The don't make them any bigger or flatter than this.

I still have that problem not stopping when I'm counting to the number 14. The flat, body panel was quick to slap together and only one error to correct when I tried to use a piece that was too long again. Getting the pieces is getting easier and easier. I suppose it is partially due to the fact that there are fewer pieces to look through. Another big factor is that I've had to scan through everyone of those damned bags several dozens times, so far. I'm starting to remember what pieces are in which bags, even when the bag has a mixed variety of blocks and knick-knacks.

Science at work!

Those magnets are powerful ones alright. Before I mounted the body panel, I noticed that they were strong enough to affect near by magnets when I spin or turn them in their brackets. Some are only a quarter inch apart, but the groups of four have an inch long block between the pairs and I can still get all four to turn when I spin one of them.

It was nice having the magnets supporting the weight of the inside of the panel while I attached the outer edge to the blocks on the outer frame. If I had to connect to blocks all the way around the panel, it would have been a two man job.

It is looking better and better every day.

Irritated blue guy.
"What the hell," asks the ultra-articulated Beast, "I've haven't been posed into any stupid positions in six damned days. This Legos project is lame-ass crap."

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