The Lego Star Destroyer Project
(Fact #7: All the photos on these pages make it "broadband friendly")

Day Five

Does the "five second rule" apply to Legos?

Didn't catch that one
Piece on Floor!
Up to this point, I'd dropped a few blocks in my lap but this was the first one to hit the floor. Not bad - five days before dropping one. It was a good thing this was a large piece, too. One of the worst events that can happen in a Legos project is to drop a single, dark peg and have it bounce and roll away from you on the floor. Those damned things can go for yards, I swear! They always seek hospitable environments, too. A small black piece that hits the floor will find a shadow under the couch, 15 feet away.

Yeah, Baby!  That's what I'm talking about

Today, I put the engines together. They look great! The engines are a bit loose, though. Remember my rant about the loose fitting turret gun? Well, the large engines are held on by only a peg in a hole; no blocks are connected behind them. Only about a fourth of an inch of the peg is in the hole, too. These are the parts that will fall off when moving the toy around - I'm sure of it. The entire back side is made up of eight smaller sections. I did have some problem getting the pegs on the back of one section to line up until I realized that the large piece was too large. Can I count to 14 and then stop? Not that time.

Task for tomorrow: A body panel! A big, flat piece

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