The Lego Star Destroyer Project
(Fact #10: I'm running out of facts for this sub-title.)

Day Eight

Distraction = low productivity

Today is the DVD release date for both The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers and Animal House. I end up watching both of them after work, while working on the Star Destroyer. It didn't make of a very productive day on the project.

Work in progress.
The project stalled at this point while the Deltas took a road trip to see Otis Day at the Dexter Lake Club (Animal House).

I finish Animal House and begin watching The Two Towers. Finally, I get the last body panel completed as Aragorn, Legolas and Gimli realize that Merry and Pippin may not be dead and in the the pile of burning orcs, but have crawled off into the forest.

Wow-o! ...and only 80 pages left to go!
The body is complete, but there is a lot left to do before this project is over.

Engines, properly framed - finally.
How did a fat hog like this catch the Rebel's Blockade Runner anyway?

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