The Lego Star Destroyer Project

Day Nine

Entering the home stretch

I look at this new section of the Star Destroyer and I wonder just what it is supposed to be. I mean, I know what part it is, but from the way the section starts out it appears like it could be its own ship. This could be a project of its own.

Can you see my teeth marks?

Remember when you sandwich together a tall stack of blocks that were all the same size, not height size, but length and width? When you decided to pull them apart, you inevitably ended up using your teeth to pull at least one piece off the stack - likely a thin one. I put together a blue and gray stack and I could almost see my teeth marks on the blocks already.
Heatsinks and water nozzles - ho!
Look! More "texture" on the side of the decks!

What do you suppose all those doo-hickeys on the side really are? Did the Empire need to mount a bunch of heat sinks and water nozzles on the side of all their Star Destroyers?

As usual, it is a cool assembly of parts. Both sides of this section are hinged and when you lift the section by the center, both sides lower into their position.

I know that I'm getting closer and closer to completion of this project with every zip lock bag I empty. Emptied about six of them so far.

Progress, little by little
Do you think Darth Vader's quarters were on this level?
Do you think that Darth Vader had a room reserved on every Star Destroyer?

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