The Lego Star Destroyer Project

Day Eleven

The End.

I know that I'm going to push this project through to the end, today. I see a big, gapping hole in the top of the Star Destroyer and not a lot of big, flat pieces but I have faith that the hole will be covered.

The towering neck thingy.
What can I say? This is the tower assembly that will hold the upper command section.

The next part is the tower for the command levels of the ship. It has a pretty steep angle to it. They cover the back with a panel that just lies down into the tower perfectly and then is locked down by a cross bar. Those people at Lego are geniuses!

The actual command section is smaller than I had imagined it. I've been thinking that the design of this toy is going to have to fudge on the overall length of it. I remember the Star Destroyers in the movie being very long. This model can't be an exact match to all the measurements, I tell myself. Then I see the command section come together and I rethink this. Seeing the ship from different angles can make it seem both short and long.

I was thinking I could flap the panels and make it fly
Even at this point, I'm not sure how the final command assembly is going to fit together.
There are still four sides that need to be fitted into that frame before it gets mounted on the tower.

Looking good! Eleven days into the project, I'm still surprised by the creative design. There isn't much between the top and bottom of the command section to attach the four sides to - only the center brace. When the next part started coming together, I'm still in the dark about how it is going to stay in place. The sides are all one unit, with hinges, and even after I have it completed, I play around with it and still don't get it. I have to check the booklet to see how it's going to fit - it attaches to the front and wraps around to the back.

Eventually I do dump the pieces in the box.

I get to the point where I reconsider my idea of bagging everything. There are not that many pieces anymore and I'm shuffling through a lot of bags still. There are so few pieces in some bags, I start combining them. Then I figure it'd be easier to dump them in the box now. Oh boy, it did help and how! I'm rolling now (on page 208) and there is no doubt I'll be done today. I'm not letting anything distract me. VH1 is on the tube, but it's just background noise for my sprint to the finish.

Before getting it all done, it occurs to me that the top section isn't really going to be attached to the body in the sense you imagine Legos being attached to each other. The frame is set up to act only as a surface for the top to sit on. The frame is also on a hinge and can be lifted to allow access to the interior of the body. It seems that we are meant to have easy access to the interior - maybe to remove the stands.

I'm finished with the Star Destroyer, finally. It is 2:30 am and I'm done. The Rebel Blockade Runner and the display panel are easy to do and the entire project is done within minutes of the Star Destroyer's completion. I couldn't resist re-enacting the opening scene of Star Wars and then zooming the Blockade Runner around the Star Destroyer a couple of times (there is no way I'll be zooming the Star Destroyer around anything, any time soon).

I am not sure I'm ready to leave the table set up where it's at to be the display for the Star Destroyer, but I don't see much choice for now.

It is finished!
The Imperial Star Destroyer

The extra ship - for free.
Blockade Runner

Extras, or did I screw up and miss somthing? Oh, yeah…there were extra parts!

He's such a show off.
"Look what I can do!" The Beast is very relieved that the Star Destroyer is completed. Now he'll get more attention when Dennis has idle time - like when collecting resources in Star Wars Galaxies.
...Day Ten