The Lego Star Destroyer Project

Day Ten

There are more pages to the left than to the right

Backwards construction, if you ask me.
One side of the lower part is mounted already, and I'm just in the process of putting the other side together.

Work continues on the upper levels of the Star Destroyer. After building the hinged section, I have to construct two parts that are mounted below it. Sort of: Build a movable part, now flip it over and build the bottom of it. It seemed odd to do it in that order. Lego logic, go figure. I did have some trouble mounting the bottom sections to the hinged piece. There isn't a really good spot to hold the part or apply pressure from the opposite side when clicking the lower section into place, so when I had both parts on and was moving the hinged section up and down (just to watch it move - it's not supposed to be a moving part on the Star Destroyer), I found that some of the blocks had come apart during my awkward construction. One of the hinged parts had broken loose and I needed to click that part back into place without removing the lower sections - no sense repeating the mounting process.

Looks good, you wouldn't know a part had fallen off. It's broken?  Really?

This part is almost ready to go. All the little blue pegs on the side mean only one thing: more doo-hickeys to mount!

This task never seems to end. There are more "doo-hickeys" to add to the sides of all the sections now. It's no wonder that they put a ga-zillion of those little parts in this kit - you end up using them in groups of 8 and 16 in step after step after step.

I couldn't help myself but to see what the new section would look like on the body. It fits perfectly - I must be doing it right.

A friend of mine has told me that I'm bound to be in therapy after this project; something this size is bound to drive me nuts. I'm sure it would have if I had tried to complete it in one sitting. When I'm up and down from the table, alternating my time between the Star Destroyer, playing Star Wars Galaxies and watching "I Love the 70's" on VH1, I can tell myself that I'm not easily distracted, I'm just keeping my sanity intact.

...Day Nine The End...