The Lego Star Destroyer Project
(Fact #4: Instruction book: 226 pages)

Day Two

The theme for today: Keep Organized!

Look, I'm being organized!

I'm still counting out the pieces before assembly.

A basic block At last, the book calls for the use of the universal Lego block - a two by four!
Then it places this block in the most unimaginative place I can think of - oh well, these are building blocks and there needs to be foundation. ...rignt in the middle, eh?

A big triangle

The frame is now showing the shape and the dimensions of the Star Destroyer. It is strange as I look at it: it looks like my numerous attempts to make original models with Legos. My results are always too big and too flimsy to amount to anything. I have faith because I'm doing it by the book this time. Magnets are being added to the center of the frame; I've looked ahead in the manual and know what they will be used to hold (the outer shell - ingenious).

Oooo...ahhh... Step 19: Some texture rather than framework, and not a moment too soon. I realize that with the number of items I'm making, some additional organizing would help. Getting all these items on the model requires the first full two-page spread to show the placement. Mounting this "texture" puts the placement of my pieces to their first test, and I pass! All the small side mounted pegs fit perfectly - I'm not required to reposition any of them. Proof that I can count, at last!

There's so many of them!

This step required the largest number of individual pieces. The "inventory" of the parts numbered over a hundred and fifty pieces. One assembled piece was repeated twice, the other was repeated sixteen times. A wild thought crossed my mind as I assembled all these - randomize some of these parts. I did come to my senses and continue following the manual's designs. Mixing them would have lead to disaster later in the project, I'm sure.

The full spread for Step 19
It takes the full instuction manual to show this step. Yowzers!

Look! Magnets!
I can almost see the finished product. If I tilt my head just so...

TWO of them? Step 19 was completed. I'm happy and ready to move on to Step 20. I turn the page and stop cold. There is a diagram showing how to attach the two triangular frames. TWO of them. Two? I just finished making one of them. How did they get two of them in step 20? Turning back to Step 19, I spot the "2X" in the bottom corner of page 25. Sneaky. Normally a multiplier like that means to make the items on the page that number of times. This time that sneaky "2X" means I have to complete Steps 1 - 19 again.

Time to stop for the night.

Ah, rats. I thought I was done with this section.
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