The Lego Star Destroyer Project
(Fact #6: Did I mention there were over 3000 pieces on this thing?)

Day Four

A few small tasks, just to keep the project moving.

Short day, today. I'm only going to work long enough to get the "legs" on the Star Destroyer. I guess you could call it landing gear. Just a stand for a toy, really. It did make me think: 'I wonder if they could really have had landing gear. Most versions of the starships in Star Trek had landing gear. We got to see Voyager land on a planet. The Enterprise D "landed" on a planet, too.'  I have a feeling that a Star Destroyer "landing" would be a lot like the Enterprise D.

Not really part of the Star Destroyer
It is heavy on the front end. It will need balance.

Today's Rant:
Little-Big Guns!

A pair of side mounted turrets are part of today's tasks. The finished turret has a nice effect, but I think it is the "loosest" bit of Lego construction I've ever seen. You can rotate the barrels of the guns that are pinched between the two discs; and that is all they are: "pinched" between them. A little pull and the discs flex and widen, popping the guns barrels out. There is nothing attached to them, no rod down the center, nothing. Sure, you can say that any Lego piece can simply be pulled on and it can be removed from the toy. This is the easiest to remove piece I've ever seen. Must be one of the reasons for the age group indicated on the box. Can't trust a 15 year-old not to pull that piece off and stick it in their mouth.

Current progress - frame with legs
End of Day Four: A free-standing frame!

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